My love for music and musical instruments had led me to start from an early age playing bouzouki and guitar. During my stay in England for several years I worked with various well-known artists.

I focus on three key areas in my career:

-Construction and repairs of musical instruments

-Selling of musical instruments and accessories

-Teaching stringed musical instruments

With my long experience, I can say that “music is a combination of art and science” and whoever is able to engage in this will be fulfilled and content.

Construction and repairs musical instruments
Having taken that path of music, I also decided to start making my own musical instruments, mainly bouzouki. As a result, a lot of professional musicians in Cyprus and abroad own instruments made by me.

The prime characteristic of my instruments, from what I have been told, is the sound quality, since my being a player of that particular instrument contributed to my knowledge of which sound to extract from each one, by selecting the proper wood and materials in order to reach the best possible result.
Sale of musical instruments and accessories
In my shop you can find all kind of stringed instruments including bouzouki, baglama, tzouras, mandolins, violins, lutes and more. I also have percussion and wind instruments, and all accessories for all musical instruments, such as pens, strings, cases and many more.
School music
During the progress of my musical career and hard work, my profound love for music inspired me to start teaching children and adults how to play string instruments, for many years, with excellent scores.